Monday, October 29, 2012

Mr. Fussypants

Atlas has been a really good baby. He's starting to sleep better at night, he doesn't cry too much, and is as cute as a button. Sometimes he'll fall asleep and I can almost swear he is smiling. (And yes, that is Downton Abbey in the background). 

Not to be bias or anything, but Cyrus and I have decided that Atlas is pretty much the most handsome baby ever. Sorry to all the other babies out there, and our own cute nieces and nephews, but Atlas takes the cake. Anyways, it's decided that he is adorable, but during normal waking hours, for the last few days I see faces like this one:

He is Mr. Fussypants during the day time. He can't seem to eat enough, or sleep on his own. He'll do great and sleep for two or three hours if you are holding him, but if you leave him on his own, it's like you've abandoned him for life. Oh the humanity! It's like his mother never loved him or something. Poor little guy.

But I think it's just a phase. Or something. 

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