Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving in Brentwood

We had a wonderful time in Brentwood this year for Thanksgiving! All the Fox boys got together at Robert's house and had fun ribbing each other while the kids ran amok. Jen, our lovely hostesses, set up a delicious meal all while being 8 months pregnant with her 5th kid! With 9 kids, 9 adults and 2 dogs running around it was a busy busy holiday. Unfortunately Cy and I could only stay for two days but it was still worth the trip to see everyone and to introduce little Atlas!
   Speaking of Atlas, I was slightly terrified of driving that far with a 6 week old and almost called off the trip all together. But he handled it like a champ! I was nervous because he usually HATES his car seat and will let you know. Prior to this trip, Atlas would wail and fuss the entire car ride - no matter where we were going out how long it took. I've taken him to the airport twice (once to drop off Mom when she came to his birth, and once to pick up Kenneth from a med school interview) and both times he has screamed the whole way there and back. Even while Kenneth tried to feed him a bottle. He just would not have any of it. I'm pretty sure he thinks  carseats are for squares.
   Anyways, we left for California at midnight and once we picked Cy up from work (yay night shift) we hit it. It only took a little over 12 hours to get there while Cy drove the length of the trip and I sat in the back to keep Atlas company. We introduced a pacifier which might have been our saving grace as it helped lull him back to sleep.
   Once we got there it was jam packed cousin time. Everyone loved baby Atlaa, especially our nieces. Danielle, Jen's oldest, was so sweet and would come up to post his head and whisper "treasure these moments Atlas, treasure these moments." Because 6 week old babies just aren't well known for acknowledging how quickly time passes. But I appreciated the reminder. It was a great trip which was tipped off by my favorite new post-Thanksgiving tradition - pedicures. We left the boys at home with most of the kids, brought the older girls for mini mani's and pedi's, and had a wonderful time as sisters-in-law getting pampered. It was awesome and I highly recommend adding it to anyone's holiday traditions.

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