Sunday, November 18, 2012

Birth story time

So I'm pretty sure I was the worst pregnant person ever. Oh, I ate ok, and even exercised during pregnancy,  and I didn't even try anything too stupid like skydiving (even though I sort of wanted to try hang gliding...) I still pretty much did what I did before getting pregnant. But took even less pictures. And I never went shopping. My nesting instincts included watching tv shows, napping (lots of napping), and seeking places to cool down. None of the crafting stuff you see on Pinterest. I also didn't set up the baby's nursery until pretty much after Atlas came and my Mom was here. Prior to giving birth, my Mom told me that she would always have an uncontrollable urge to wash the floors and that's how she knew the baby was on its way. Me? I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark in the hours before going into full blown labor. I guess Atlas can thank Harrison Ford for having a birthday on October 9th. 
     I know pregnancy is an amazing time, you are full of life, yadda yadda yadda. Mostly I just felt fat. And looked fat. So pictures weren't a high priority for me. However, I was talking with my sister Krystle today (who by the way, just had a baby! Congratulations!) And she mentioned that she never saw a picture of me pregnant this summer. Which is a shame, because I actually did have a really fun summer despite being huge. 
Disney Land with some of my best friends. 
4.5 months along

 At the Athlete's Village in downtown Vancouver BC. I am clearly not an athlete.
7 months along
Enjoying the rainy Pacific Northwest

At the top of Whistler's Peak, home of the 2010 Winter Olympics

It's hard to see, but there is a really pretty waterfall right behind me
Hanging with Canadians

Now there is proof I was pregnant this summer and it's on the internet. I don't think I took many pictures of myself after July, so this is as good as it gets. If you are still wondering, I looked pretty much the same till October except with more inches around my middle. And FYI, being pregnant in the summer is not that great. It's like having a little furnace on you at all times which makes the hot summer days not very fun. I don't think I slept with a sheet on the bed the entire summer/beginning of Fall. 

The little guy who made being huge and fat all worth it.

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